Review of “Dragon Metals” by Kevin Kerr & Jason Burack

Every investor’s dream is to be able to recognize the next secular bull market and gain exposure to it before anyone else. The report “Dragon Metals – China’s Resource Monopoly and the World’s Growing Resource Addiction” published by Kevin Kerr of Kerr Trading International and Investor and entrepreneur Jason Burack, might turn out to be the ultimate cheat sheet on how to profit from the Chinese resource grab outside of holding precious metals.

Dragon Metals is a report that describes at length the importance and uses of Rare Earth Elements, their relation to the global markets and specifically, China. Currently I have on this webpage a small section regarding my interest in REE’s. However, this report not only solidifies my beliefs that they are a worthy investment, but it thoroughly describes the past, present, and future of the market and makes an unequivocal argument as to why we need to have exposure to REE’s.

The report not only covers the uses, history, and future demand, but it also contains concise ways to gain exposure to it, starting immediately. The report is on sale at and for the information that’s included, it is well worth the price. I would encourage anyone who has interest on getting in on a bull market before it begins to purchase this report. I have said recently that REE’s are akin to gold circa 2005, the difference is I think that the run in REE’s may take place much more sharply than the current bull move in gold, and this report gives you the facts about China and global supply and demand that you won’t find on CNBC or the WSJ.

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