Treasure Hunting For Precious Metals Stock

Below is a report co-authored by Chris Marchese of Marchese & Fuller LCC, and Mo Dawoud, co-founder of Wall Street For Main Street LLC. The report is on sale for $32 – however, being that I read and helped edit the report, I can say with confidence that it is worth at least $100 and is as good or better than some pro reports but for only a fraction of the cost.

“Investors in search of a relatively safe harbor from the storm that is the fiat currency market look no further than the gold and silver market. And in a sea of dis-information Mo and Chris help to direct to new and seasoned metals investor alike in the best direction. The concise and easy to understand report has some of the best analysis and research I have seen, and I have seen a lot. The complete valuation guide is a MUST HAVE for every investor and will save you countless hours of time and effort. This report should cost 10 times as much so grab onto the report this holiday season and give yourself the biggest gift ever. Peace of mind and profitable protection in the silver and gold.”

-Kevin Kerr, Founder and President of Kerr Trading International

Included in the report are the “last of the undervalued mining stocks” as well as a valuation table with 65 gold and silver miners that have been broken down and valued using Chris’ personal method. So on top of the 13 detailed stock picks, you get additional valuations of another 52 popular producers. The report also contains a link to a recent gold & silver analysis that I did on this website and I am proud to say that my name is included in what I consider to be a high quality piece of research.

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2 Responses to Treasure Hunting For Precious Metals Stock

  1. jet says:

    You say the report is on sale for $32? Where at?

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