Portugal Needs Bailout From EU By April


And so the first European domino, following in the footsteps of Greece and Ireland from 2010, is made known. Per Reuters: “European Union member states are increasingly concerned about Portugal’s ability to fund itself in financial markets and believe Lisbon will have to seek a bailout by April, a euro zone source said on Thursday. The EU has a rescue plan ready for Portugal, but it is dependent on Lisbon asking for the aid and making that request to both the EU and the International Monetary Fund. Portugal remains adamantly opposed to asking for assistance. “Portugal is drowning. It’s not going to be able to hold on beyond the end of March,” the euro zone source said. “That’s already understood to be the case in financial markets, but now it’s also understood among (EU) finance ministers.” Time for that European Stress Test v2 to convince us just how good everything is. As for Birinyi’s S&P target, we are firmly convinced that that will be attained within a year: it is hardly a coincidence that a moonlighting Gideon Gono has been seen operating the Fed’s POMO desk on those days when the hunogver NYU interns are out on Stabucks runs.

I’m serious about calls on UUP. April $25 strike looks good, or just go long the ETF.

There’s still a lot of negativity surrounding the dollar. I expect that the lower trendline is tested soon. This will be followed by talk of insolvency in Portugal and the EU will have no choice but to bail them out which will be a catalyst for the dollar and a completion of the head and shoulders in the euro index.

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