Daniel Vision “Victory” Podcast With Jason Burack And John Manfreda

Daniel Vision shares his insights in an hour long podcast on real estate, the drop in silver and oil, macroeconomics, and political will to cut spending in DC. Daniel is interviewed by Jason Burack and John Manfreda of Wall Street For Main Street, LLC. This podcast may be my favorite interview that I have seen so far from the Wall Street For Main Street crew. Daniel’s insights are very thought out and he has years of experience in the stock and real estate markets, as well as trading commodities and precious metals.

Jason and John along with their colleague Mo Dawoud are owners of Wall Street For Main Street, LLC, a company aimed at educated investors from a contrarian’s perspective. For years, the financial services industry has been ripping off individual (retail) investors and Wall Street For Main Street aims to properly educate and advise those who are looking for real financial advice provided by those with integrity.

For more information, visit http://www.wallstformainst.com. The site is currently under construction but the owners are currently looking for contributors and potential clients.

About Aaron Basile
Day Trading and Swing Trading Ideas, Certified Personal Trainer, Power Bodybuilding, Avid Sports Fan (NBA, NFL)

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