Updated Winners For 7/26

Latest Winners:

SQQQ – entry 7/7 $21.98 exit 7/12 $23.69 +7.3%

C Aug 11 $38 c – entry 7/18 $1.16 exit 7/21 $2.28 +49%

EUO Jul 11 $17 c – entry $.25 6/30 exit 7/11 $.90 +360%

FAS – entry 7/18 $23.20 exit 7/21 $25.01 7.3%


VECO – entry 7/14 $41.31 ext 7/15 $40.93 -1%

The key to being successful is to win and lose small.

Let’s move on to two more winners in the rare earth industry:

GWMGF – Entry 6/16 $.623 – current price $1.04 +40%

I put the buy alert on GWG on 6/16 which was the day the stock bottomed. It is up nearly 50% from the lows of that day and has not yet even stopped for a breather. Congrats to GWG shareholders.

In my latest video I said that MCP could go to $75 in the next three weeks. Since then, it has broken out above the inverse head and shoulders that I talked about in the video and is now headed higher.


Currently, I am still long TNA, MOBI, and PG. Mobi as well as many other Chinese stocks had a sharp move higher today and may be close to a breakout. Refer back to my analysis from Sunday night for a breakdown of MOBI’s chart.

PG and TNA will likely see more downside as the market pulls back off of the highs but the chart pattern in the overall market is bullish and when the debt ceiling agreement is done, there will be a pop across the board. However, I do not expect this pop to last and will look to unload my longs into the rally.

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2 Responses to Updated Winners For 7/26

  1. Dave says:

    what’s EUO up 360%?

    also good thoughts here, check out my friends pg goldnews.com you should have it on the side. I appreciate your commentary, would like to talk to you more about AUN.

    Whats an easier way we can communicate ?

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