A Tip For Option Trading

Today I learned a lesson when it comes to trading options. There may be an option that you are in the money on and are thinking of selling, which is good because no profit should ever turn into a loss, however, in some cases stocks can become extended and pure emotion and irrationality comes into play. In these cases one can profit from being in the money on a call option by taking advantage of the irrationality of others while maintaining gains and minimizing risk. It’s never a bad decision to take gains off of the table for a profit, but there is nothing wrong with leaving some exposure in your portfolio when a stock is hot.

Last week, I purchased AAPL $385 calls for $2.80 and sold them shortly after for $4, a 70% gain. Not bad. Today those same calls are going for over $40 and will most likely run higher as the market floats up on low volume ahead of the Fed.

Yes, I sold those calls for $4 for a 70% gain, but today they would have gone for – $40/$2.8 = 14.2 or 1420% gain from principle.

What I am trying to say is – take some profits but it doesn’t hurt to LEAVE RUNNERS ON THE TABLE!!

And that, is my tip today for option traders.


About Aaron Basile
Market Technician, Equity/Commodity Trader, Austrian Economist, Contrarian Investor

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