Silver Bounce Nailed, Futures Higher Overnight

Silver gapped lower today but rallied higher throughout the day as predicted on Sunday night and additionally, the overnight prints are showing spot silver up as high as a percent and a quarter. Institutional short covering came late in the morning session and again just a half an hour before the closing bell as silver made an intraday low of $26.15, but closed $4.63 off of the lows for just a .30 decline. The pattern on the chart is a bottoming tail and more importantly, silver tagged support in the $26-$27 area, but rallied back for a close just off of the flatline.

This should signal some short term relief in the selling and any shorts may be squeezed out should silver make its way back above $31 tomorrow. The likely scenario is a gap higher off of the opening bell and I plan on exiting my SLV $30 call tomorrow should that happen.

About Aaron Basile
Day Trading and Swing Trading Ideas, Certified Personal Trainer, Power Bodybuilding, Avid Sports Fan (NBA, NFL)

One Response to Silver Bounce Nailed, Futures Higher Overnight

  1. AHA63226064 says:

    $SLV $GLD waiting for the recovery rally to end and volatility to die a bit before considering going short again. Severe Tech damage done

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