About Me

Hi I’m Aaron Basile, I am a contrarian investor, equities & commodities trader, market technician, and follower of the Austrian School of Economics. Currently the foundation of my investment strategy is weighted in gold and silver stocks though I also own shares of other types of metals miners. This website provides information on precious metals, commodities, and all other basic materials, as well as fundamental and technical analysis of stocks, bonds, and the US financial markets.

My investment strategy is weighted primarily on macroeconomic fundamentals. In other words, before I come to any conclusion about where to put my money, I first have to determine what the macroeconomic conditions are going to be in order to find the best opportunities for investing. Next I focus on sectors – which sectors stand to benefit the most and least from current and future economic trends. I then use fundamental analysis on the individual equities or instruments to find which are the most undervalued, and which have the most growth potential. Finally, I use technical analysis as a tool to find buying opportunities in the individual securities in which I am interested in and as an additional way to gauge market sentiment. On the side and to maximize profits, I also swing trade using mainly technical analysis, with some emphasis on short term economics and current market sentiment.

If you would like to contact me personally with questions about the commodities/bonds/stock markets, macroeconomics, or any questions you might have concerning technical analysis my information is listed below as well as in the comments section of any one of the posts on the main page.

Aaron J Basile


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