Most of the research I provide in this section has a free market bias which reflects my style of investing. Most colleges and universities teach Keynes, and I think that learning economics from just one point of view is as destructive as listening to the views one political party.

It sounds odd but I have talked people who had been investing for over 25 years who had their opinions changed after the collapse in 2008. They were laughing at the market bears who called the collapse in years in advance, but they now have a more sobering perspective on the market. I think the market needs to take advice from a different side of the aisle with all of the new crisis’ that keep popping up. The economists on the Austrian side had been warning of overconsumption financed by the cheap money policies set by the Fed and facilitated by the government would lead to a disaster. Below is a few books, links to articles, and economists that I have studied myself.

For Beginners

Basic Economics- Thomas Sowell

Financial Markets for the Rest Of Us- Robert Vahid Hasemian

These two will help you get started on economics, and how financial markets operate. I recommend anything by Sowell, he gives a very common sense view on the economics. One thing that is very important however, reading a book and actually clicking “trade stock” at your online brokerage are two very different things so make sure you know exactly what is going to happen when you do it in real life!

Economics in one Lesson- Henry Hazlitt

How An Economy Grows and Why It Doesn’t- Irwin Schiff

Two fantastic reads that illustrate common sense laissez faire economics. For beginners and experts. Here is a link to a narrative on youtube for How An Economy Grows and Why It Doesn’t.

This is a very relaxing way of reading/listening to this piece with illustrations.


For Intermediate to Expert Investors,

Crashproof 2.0- Peter Schiff

I read this book as a beginner and while Schiff does a good job of making it relatively understandable to outsiders, it is better suited to people who have a little background first, though I still recommend it to anyone. I don’t completely share his investment strategy, however the meat of the book is very informative.

Austrian Perspective on the money supply

This link is to an article by Peter Warburton regarding the money supply and will only be understood by those who are well rounded.

Valuing a Mining Company

More on Mining Company Fundamentals

Article regarding how the BIS can use derivatives to hide inflation

BIS: We have failed to learn from the Nordic Crisis

The Austrian Theory of Money


For All Levels of Investors,

Presentation of US debt and economic turmoil to the Federal Reserve and Treasury

Michael Berry presents a great slide show on current US debt obligations and the outlook on our economy.

BIS thinks Central Banks will be too late to raise interest rates

The BIS has warned on more than one occasion that we are at risk of inflation on a global level.

People to Follow

Ludwig Von Mises
Henry Hazlitt
Fredrick Hayek
Irwin Schiff
Peter Schiff
Kevin Kerr
Thomas Woods
Eric Sprott
David Einhorn
Thomas Sowell
Jim Rogers
Marc Faber
George Soros
Warren Buffett
Gerald Celente
Ron Paul
Paul Ryan
Dylan Ratigan
“Judge” Andrew Napolitano
Rick Santelli
Dan Mitchell
Kyle Bass


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